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Adoption Process and Important Information Before you Apply

At this time, we are unable to adopt out to the New England states due to State guidelines.
Please contact us if you would like more information.


Prerequisite - fencing


setters need fencing

We do accept homes with e-fencing systems but please understand some program dogs are not safe to be on an electric fence system and therefore must go to homes with physical fences. We will indicate in a dog’s bio if this is the case so applicants can be aware before applying.


Your application cannot be screened if not completely filled out.

Missing or incomplete information will delay our volunteer screeners from processing your application. Please double check phone numbers and email addresses for accuracy. We will ask for missing information via email only once and start the process of reviewing only after it is received.


Our volunteer Application Screeners first check both personal references and veterinary references.

We will verify with your vet any current animals in the home have had recent wellness care. We mandate any canines currently in an applicant’s home have proof of a heartworm test being done in the last 12 months and proof of heartworm preventative being given. This is followed by a short phone interview. This information is then recorded and submitted to the rescue for review and approval to continue processing.


Home Visit

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home visit

Upon approval of this initial screening information a home visit will be scheduled by our Home Visit Coordinator at a mutually beneficial time for applicant and home visit volunteer. In the event an OESR volunteer is not available in your geographic area we will seek a volunteer with a reputable breed rescue that serves the area and is willing to provide a courtesy visit.

Home Visit Volunteer will submit a report covering the specific questions/criteria we require at a home visit. An OESR board member reviews this information and approves the applicant. Once approved an applicant can have direct contact with a foster home to seek detailed information about a specific dog in the program.

We do seek foster caregiver’s opinions of approved applicants before offering a dog up for formal adoption. Our foster homes know the dogs better than anybody and out of respect to the dedication and care they provide we want them to be part of the process of determining the best home for a dog. Foster homes will communicate to potential adopters only after screening approval.



After applicants have been approved through screening and shared information with the foster home the rescue will make a determination if a formal adoption offer will be extended. Please note sometimes applicants are approved but the dog is not the right fit for their life, in this scenario we invite the approved adopter to consider another dog in our program or wait for one to become available that interests them.

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approved foster


Prior Adoption Approval

Former OESR adopters seeking to adopt again do not have to go through the screening process if they have adopted a dog since January 2013 and they have not changed physical address.


Applicants who have been approved by other breed rescues within the last 12 months should inform OESR of such at the time of submitting their application. While some screening steps can be transferrable, we reserve the right to perform our own screening protocol for adoption approval.


Application Denial

OESR reserves the right to cease the screening process and decline an application at any time if we feel the applicant has falsified any information on an application. Adopting is a very serious commitment that involves a lot of time, energy, patience and love. There is also a financial commitment to bringing a dog into your life and providing proper nutrition, animal care services such as grooming/day care/pet sitting and veterinary care. Please consider this before applying.


Please Bear with Us

Please keep in mind that kind hearted volunteers donate their time and energy to screening applications for the sake of helping place dogs into forever homes. They all have families, careers and their own dogs making their lives very full. Sometimes the screening process can take a little time and we appreciate your patience with this. Often references do not call back right away or need a second call to confirm information. We screen applications as quickly and efficiently as we can but the process takes time.


Fees & Transport

Adoption Fees:

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final transport to you
  • $325.00 for adults.  (12 months and older)
  • $395.00 for unaltered pups with $25.00 rebate for proof of spay/neuter and $25.00 rebate for proof of microchip
  • $250-300 for seniors and special needs. (Depending on health status)

We do require adoption fees and contracts to be submitted before transport or transfer of a dog. We do try to assist in transporting dogs post-adoption in the region we serve with volunteer transport driver chains or via volunteer small engine planes when possible and available. Some dogs are not comfortable traveling and for this reason we will limit the distance from the foster home we will adopt out to. Transportation to an adoptive home is ultimately the sole responsibility of the adopter. We can suggest bonded and insured pet transport companies but any costs involved with such are the responsibility of the adopter and not the rescue. OESR will not fly dogs on commercial airlines as cargo to adoptive homes.


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