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Adoption Process - How Long Does the Adoption Process Take?


adoption process timeline

Application Paid:

  • Application is reviewed for any missing information (1 week from submitting)
  • Application sent to OESR team member for contact with references (time frame 1-2 weeks)


Review Completed:

  • Reference checks completed, the pre-screening concludes with a short phone interview between the application and the OESR volunteer "reference checker"
  • Completed report submitted to OESR for next step in process
  • Home inspection is scheduled with applicant and a local OESR Volunteer (1-3 weeks)

Approved Adopter:

  • Report is filled out by "home visit volunteer" and submitted to the Board for a decision.
  • Applicant will be notified if they are approved for adoption
  • Final selection of a Setter, or applicant awaits perfect Setter to come (timing depends on dogs available for right home).



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