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May 2013, In Loving Memory of Carter Barreau


loving memory of carter

The OESR family was deeply saddened by the recent loss of longtime volunteer Danica Barreau’s deaf setter Carter.  Although adopted from another fantastic setter rescue, Carter was truly an OESR dog in many ways. He was a wonderful mentor and friend to the numerous dogs that Danica fostered in her home. Carter’s special “smile” and grumpy attitude towards over exuburant OESR foster puppies made for many a hilarious photograph.  Carter was a perfect example of a dog that captured many hearts and turned people into true setter lovers just from knowing him. He had a large following on Facebook where his beautiful photos often received numerous shares and likes. Carter was also the proud spokesdog three years running for the Lucky Fiona Setter Showdown collar sale fundraiser. Each year in the month of June, Carter would “pick” a fabric for his namesake collar and then compete with Susan England’s setter Guinness to see which dog would sell the most collars. Through this light hearted grudge match Carter helped raise thousands of dollars for OESR.


Carter will be very missed by the entire setter  rescue community  and by those in the deaf dog community. His great grasp of sign language was truly inspiring to other deaf dog guardians who looked at Carter as a fine example of how normal a deaf dog can be and what to aspire to in training their own dogs. The news of Carter’s passing sent shockwaves through the OESR community and we heard over and over again from fellow adopters, volunteers and supporters “I never met Carter, but I loved him.” Even in his passing he continues to help other OESR dogs as many in the setter community have donated funds to the rescue in Carter’s memory.  We will miss this incredible creature and thank him for his legacy and for being a true ambassador of the breed.





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