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We Need Fosters!

The backbone of this organization is our dedicated foster homes. The more approved foster homes we have, the more dogs we are able to save. Learn about fostering an English Setter.



volunteer to help oesrHow can I help? I can’t adopt or foster…

People often mistakenly think that if they can’t adopt a dog or foster there is nothing they can do for a breed rescue.  Not true! There are so many ways to be involved and make a difference in the life of a dog and be a part of this rescue. OESR is always in need of ambassadors and we invite setter lovers from all over the country to do SOMETHING. Do you have a free hour or so every week or once a month to become a part of our team? We need enthusiastic volunteers and are interested in what skills and talents you can lend to helping the dogs in our program.




Check out the following Ways to help…

Help a Setter!

corporations donations


Hit up the man

Do you work for a corporation that offers matching gifts for donations or provides monetary grants for volunteer work with a non-profit? We can help you fill out any necessary paperwork to assist in getting these much needed funds.



Give a Setter a Ride!

transport english setters




Road Trippin’

How about a little four pawed company for the ride? We are creating a transporter database and would love to include your information. Being a volunteer transporter involves driving a foster dog to a foster home or to their forever home. We use volunteers to drive 1-2 hour legs to get a dog from point A to point B. Mileage is tax deductible and the great feeling you’ll get from helping is 100% guaranteed to make you smile. 

Complete our Transport Form if you would like to volunteer to drive for us.



Spread The Word

spread the word





Pssst! Spread the word!

Alert your vet office, doggie day care, dog specialty shop or local dog park about OESR.  Business cards/marketing materials are available upon request. Direct friends, family and co-workers to our website.  Share our photos and updates from Facebook on your personalize page. Word of mouth about what a positive experience breed rescue can be helps the organization, the setters and helps promote rescue in general. Many people simply don’t know how many wonderful dogs are out there awaiting homes.






Get Involved to Help Setters

take it to the streets


Take it to the streets!

Almost every town has dog centered community events. March in a parade with an OESR banner and some setters in tow! Check with your local Chamber of Commerce/ Humane Shelter/Local Happenings calendar to see if you can represent OESR at a Pet Expo or event with a table or booth. Many events allow non-profits to attend for free. We will help guide you and provide marketing materials and tips on how to properly promote the rescue. Email info@oesr.org if you and some friends would like to represent the rescue at an event in your community.







Share your Skillz

volunteer your talents

Setter Lovers Got Talent!

Do you have a talent or skill that can help benefit the rescue? Do you make a hand crafted item (quilts, pottery, jewelry, paper crafts, home décor items, etc.) you’d like to donate that we can auction for fundraising? Are you an artist (painter/photographer/sculptor) that can donate your services to the rescue by gifting us a piece to provide as a prize? We need photographers to photograph our foster dogs or community events for the website. We also always need people with specific skill sets to assist with administrative tasks. Are you a lawyer with a few hours to donate to assist us with contracts? An accountant who would like to assist us with our bookkeeping? A marketing whiz who can give us some expert advice on how to raise funds? A techno guru to help us with expanding our presence on Social Media? We welcome volunteers in any area that can make our rescue better. Tell us how you’d like to help! We need you and the dogs need you.




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