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The backbone of this organization is our dedicated foster homes. The more approved foster homes we have, the more dogs we are able to save. We are approached daily by shelters, individuals giving up their own personal dogs, other breed rescues and caring dog lovers on social media who alert us about setters that need to be rehomed.  We sadly often turn requests down to assist due to not having open foster homes to place dogs in.


Help us help more dogs. Apply to foster today with OESR, it is a rewarding experience that helps the dogs and your heart. Nothing feels better than knowing you made an incredible contribution to a dog’s future in this way.


If you are interested in fostering or have questions about fostering please contact us at oesrinfo@gmail.com  Or apply to foster online.


Would-Be Fosters F.A.Q.


Do I have to apply to foster?

Yes, simply fill out the online form provided on our website so an OESR volunteer can screen your information.


How much will it cost out of pocket if I foster a dog?

Dogs in the OESR foster program are provided preventative care vetting (including spay, neuter, microchip, worming, heartworm testing and vaccines) by the rescue and all necessary veterinary costs involved with a program dog while in foster care are taken care of by the rescue. Including monthly heartworm preventative and flea/tick preventative.  Most foster homes provide food for their own foster dogs unless a special prescription diet is needed for medical reasons in which case the rescue would cover that cost.


I can’t foster, I’ll never be able to let the dog go when the time comes, right?

This is often heard from people interested in fostering who have this common fear. While letting a foster dog go to a forever home can be difficult initially, it is also so rewarding that one emotion overtakes the other. Yes, it is hard to say goodbye and an adjustment when the dog leaves. But the happiness in knowing that dog will be loved and cared for and has a wonderful life really does make it easier. Most first time fosters realize quickly after getting messages and progress updates from their foster’s new family that letting them go was a truly positive thing. There is nothing like the feeling of knowing you helped that dog get to that forever home. The knowledge that your efforts and selflessness resulted in that dog having a great life eases any transitional sadness in letting them go.


Do I have to have a home visit before I can take a foster dog in?

Yes, we do perform a home visit to make sure your home is safe and your fencing is secure before we place a dog there. It is also an opportunity to review with your home visit volunteer any questions you may have about having a foster dog in your home.


What are my responsibilities to the rescue while fostering an OESR dog?

We ask for periodic email updates on the dog so we can keep their biography current and alert potential adopters if the dog has learned something new with training or has an endearing new behavior that would be interesting to promote them with. We also ask for photos frequently to update on bio page and also to promote the dog on Facebook.  We ask fosters to keep in close contact with the foster coordinator during the time the foster dog is in their home. Fosters will be asked if they are comfortable doing so to talk to pre-approved adoption applicants about their foster dog as part of the adoption process.


Can I pick what kind of dog I want to foster? (for example a specific gender of dog or a puppy or geriatric dog, etc.)

Yes, as part of your foster screening we will ask what your preference is and we will do our best to accommodate that. If for example you have a cat in your home we will make sure we place a cat-friendly foster with you. If you are only open to fostering male dogs because your resident dog prefers males we will accommodate that request. Part of a successful fostering experience is making sure we match the right foster dog in the right foster home.


What if I “Foster Fail” and want to keep my foster dog?

We ask foster dog parents to let us know in advance if they think they would like to do a foster-adopt contract if they are thinking of adding another animal companion to the home. We will hold back on advertising a dog as available for adoption in this situation for a pre-determined contracted time frame. Sometimes a Foster Fail cannot be anticipated and a foster home will realize despite all good intentions prior to not make a dog a permanent part of the family that the dog has found the right home with the foster home. We ask fosters to be in constant communication with the rescue and to indicate as soon as they are aware they would like to formally adopt.  We always ask fosters very directly after the initial “settling in” period (roughly two weeks) before we start promoting a dog for adoption if the foster would like first opportunity. If this option is declined by the foster and a dog has been promoted for adoption and an application comes in we do have to consider the application. As is always our focus, we place the dog in the best possible home for that dog.  Communication between foster home and the rescue is key to success in this special relationship.


Do I get a say about who gets to adopt my foster dog?

We do involve fosters in the process of the adoption in that we ask them to speak to potential adopters to see if they feel they are a good fit for the foster dog. We feel after all the time and sacrifice in fostering this courtesy needs to be extended. Likewise we understand that fosters know the dogs better than anybody and they can be very beneficial in determining the right home for the foster in question. Potential adopters only speak to fosters after they have passed all pre-screening including a home visit with the rescue. Screening reports will be made available to foster homes upon request. The board of OESR does have final say regarding adoption approval with a foster’s input and feedback being part of their final decision.  A board member will formally extend adoption offers to applicants.


Can I foster and take a break before fostering again?

Absolutely.  Fosters set the terms in fostering. Some fosters prefer to only foster in the summer, some like to foster over the holidays. It is always up to the foster what is comfortable for their schedule and lifestyle. We do not place more than one foster dog in a home at one time.


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