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The people of OESR are what make this organization so unique. There are many ways to help English Setters in need. Here are some of the setter loving folks who make this group so spectacular.  Want to join Our Pack? We need volunteers - see our "How to Help" section for more details.


Board Members:

Nikki Linkous

Nikki Linkous


Nikki Linkous




Nikki came to OESR in 2009 having never met an English setter in her life. She had Australian shepherds growing up and had lost her 17 year old Aussie, Dingo, in June of 2008. The day after saying goodbye to her canine best friend, Nikki’s life changed forever. On a business trip, Nikki rescued a skinny, tick infested, scruffy dog who became known as Grayson and as he got healthy, it was clear that he was a Golden Retriever mix, but the other half was still a mystery. By chance, someone mentioned that his markings were reminiscent of an English setter. That was all it took for Nikki, she researched the breed, fell in love, and found OESR.


Nikki is the proud dog mom to Grayson, Colleen (her 14th foster, and her first foster failure), and any OESR dog that needs a place to land on their way to a forever home. Her three cats have adjusted to the swinging door of setters and are hopeful that one day their home will not be the official “cat testing” spot for the Columbus chapter of OESR. In her free time, Nikki enjoys birding, baking, and getting the dogs out for play time at the local dog park.



Eva and Rooney


Eva De Laurentiis

Home Visit Coordinator

Chicago, IL


Eva lives in Chicago and is a life-long lover of English Setters, having been raised with the breed since birth. She adopted her setter, Rooney, from OESR in 2015 and boy is she glad she did. Together, they enjoy morning runs and long walks scouting birds and squirrels. She can't imagine her life without him. Eva started volunteering for OESR in 2015, screening applications. It is a great feeling to know she has helped connect many rescue setters with loving, forever families. She joined the Board formally in early 2017 and now serves as the Home Visit Coordinator.





Stephanie and her Setters


Stephanie Marchesiello


Washington, DC


Stephanie fell in love with her first rescued English setter mix Oliver (come to find out he might not be that much ES) and started researching the breed and following OESR on Facebook. When the opportunity came to be able to volunteer with OESR she began as an applicant screener, then helped with whatever needed to be done. She’s recently started fostering and her youngest setter Henry, Oliver and Jasmine the cat have been troopers welcoming OESR foster dogs in need.







Jennifer Paluso-Miller

Applications Coordinator

Mooresville, NC


Jennifer joined the OESR family in 2015 as a foster parent. In addition to working with OESR, she works with the Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta (GRRA) as the hotline contact and assists with lost/ found dog searches. Jennifer and her family have fostered over 25 dogs in the past few years. She is the parent to 2 boys, Holden and Ridley and 1 golden retriever, Stella. Jennifer’s love of English Setters started when she was young, as her father had Setters for pheasant hunting. Jennifer is a Physical Therapist/ Industrial Rehab Specialist and works from home, which allows flexibility to assist the rescue.





Erin and Bucky

Erin and Bucky

Erin Curtain

Foster Medical Liaison



Meet Erin (and her rescue setter Bucky).  She is a Licensed Veterinary Technician, Michigan State University Alum, and a setter Mom. She has been in the veterinary field for 24 years and involved with OESR for almost three years, and a board member for almost one year! 


Feel free to contact me anytime!! This breed stole my heart as a little girl and it makes me feel good to give back!! Setters are the best!!.




Additional Pack Members

Amanda and Callie

Amanda web designer

Amanda Chappell

Web Design / Marketing

Franklin, NC


Amanda started following OESR on Facebook, then helped with a rescue, then another, then  more... Her best friend and roomy is Callie Craken, the pocket-sized English Setter, who found her way to Amanda via the OESR team.


Amanda edits our website, as well as helps with calendars, misc. graphics and other fun and sometimes furry things.




Transportation Coordinator: 

Susan West Reeser

Fundraising Coordinator:

JoAnn Kirk  



Intake / Petfinder Coordinator

Denise Cialdella-Giddens















Assisting the Treasurer

Sue Narlock


Sue’s love of her life for the past 14 years has been Miss Princess Sasha Jean Lin Marie, a totally devoted, loved, and awesome Irish Setter.   Unfortunately, Sasha crossed over the rainbow bridge last June after having spent 14 years enjoying life to the fullest boating, playing, fishing, lounging, and overall being a truly loved member of Sue’s family.  Upon Sasha’s passing Sue decided to continue to honor Sasha’s memory by becoming involved with helping other setters.  For the past several months, Sue has contributed to our rescue by screening numerous applications and matching our furbabies to adoptive parents.  Not only does Sue love to chat with our applicants but also likes to stay in contact with several of her “matches”.  Sue’s bucket list includes to someday meet all of her fellow OESR family members, along with adopting another precious furbaby.  Sue’s other hobbies include reading, sewing, embroidery, and crafting.  Sue is also a huge University of Michigan Wolverine fan and enjoys “pestering” her fellow Spartan and Buckeye friends.   Now along with continuing to screen applicants, Sue is helping our organization in the billing department.  Sue currently resides in Bay City Mi.














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